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Society for Financial Studies


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Volume 33 Issue 8 August 2020
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The Review of Financial Studies is a major forum for the promotion and wide dissemination of significant new research in financial economics …

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Why Does Equity Capital Flow out of High Tobin’s q Industries?
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Who Is Afraid of BlackRock?
Corporate Money Demand
Does Option Trading Have a Pervasive Impact on Underlying Stock Prices?
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Estimating Standard Errors in Finance Panel Data Sets: Comparing Approaches
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The Dividend-Price Ratio and Expectations of Future Dividends and Discount Factors
Stock Market Prices Do Not Follow Random Walks: Evidence from a Simple Specification Test
Market Liquidity and Funding Liquidity

Editor's Choice

Pricing Uncertainty Induced by Climate Change
Uncertainty and Economic Activity: A Multicountry Perspective
Monetary Transmission through Shadow Banks
On the Rise of FinTechs: Credit Scoring Using Digital Footprints


As the world struggles to deal with COVID-19 and its huge economic impact, OUP has pulled together a special collection on the causes and potential policy responses to major economic shocks and crises. Explore freely available content from our books, journals, and online content until September 2020.

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The SFS Cavalcade is a three day conference covering all areas of finance. Our goal is to provide a setting that produces the kind of in-depth participation of a smaller conference while accommodating the variety of papers of a larger one. More information.

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The Review of Financial Studies is a major forum for the promotion and wide dissemination of significant new research in financial economics. Learn more about submitting your work.

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The Review of Financial Studies is published on behalf of the Society for Financial Studies (SFS). To learn more, click here.

A subscription to the society's family of journals, including 获取科学上网客户端 - 推酷:2021-6-11 · 下载客户端,连接上网。 第一步本人写过“一些vps商家整理”可供参考;第二步“再谈科学上网”,用文中两三条命令即可部署好SS服务端。 本文针对第三步进行讨论:获取科学上网必须用到的客户端。 and The Review of Corporate Finance Studies, includes membership to the SFS.

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We are proud to announce that RFS Editor Ralph Koijen was recently awarded The Fischer Black Prize for 2019. This prestigious award is presented biennially to recognize a top finance researcher under age forty.

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